Hi! My name is Anna. I started this blog out of my broad interests in beauty, food and lifestyle in general. My goal is to offer more than just a beauty blog. I want to write about the beauty on the outside, as well as the beauty we all carry within us. Thus the name BelleWithin. Belle means beauty in French and is one of my favorite Disney characters. My vision on beauty from within is your mindset, our lust and passion for the beautiful thingsĀ life has to offer and literally caring for what is within you with a healthy diet. I also enjoy DIY projects so you can expect some of those as well! Other than the above my interests consist out of painting, drawing, nature, movies, reading, fantasy, history, writing, traveling, cooking and baking.

I hope you have a great time looking through my website and enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.

With love, Anna

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