New Oxford Style Shoes

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I have seen Oxford Style Shoes a lot lately and I quickly fell in love with the style. I quite enjoy this preppy and fancy look. It reminds me of nineteenth century England. After doing some research I found that the Oxford style shoe first appeared in Scotland and Ireland during the nineteenth century. Ah.. since I have a big love for Ireland and historical fashion it’s not strange that they grabbed my attention. 


A while back I told my mom how charmed I was by this style and my sweet mommy remembered! For my birthday she gifted me this gorgeous wine red Oxford Style Shoes. They are from Van Haren. 


I own mosty black and nude colored shoes, so this deep red color is lovely for fall and quite a refreshing vision in my closet. Having said that, I will definitely wear these a lot during fall since the season is marked by deep red shadeses when it comes to fashion. 


I like that this style of shoe can be combined with a casual look, but it can also be taken to the next level and be worn with a super preppy and fancy outfit. On a daily basis I tend to wear flat shoes more often, but sometimes I do prefer a more chic look which quickly requires heels. I feel like with these shoes that chic look is mastered without having to wear heels. Simply because of the classic and stylish design of the Oxford Style. Oh, and they are comfortable to walk in! Very important to mention that detail =)


Not only is the shoe a deep wine red, but the laces match as well. Other nice detailing on the shoes are the stiches on the sole. 


What are your thoughts about Oxford Style Shoes? Do you like them and with what kind of outfit would you combine them?

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