New Primark Rings Set (Gold & Lavender)

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During a recent Primark visit I found this gorgeous set of antique looking gold & lavender rings. When it comes to jewelry I love antique and Victorian styles and this fit right in that alley. I never wear rings (I simply had not found ones that I felt fitted my taste) and these were more than perfect. Lavender and purple is one of my favorite colors and these rings have gorgeous lavender (fake) stones. The set consists out of 6 rings and costed €5,00.


3 of the 6 rings are regular rings and the other 3 are knuckle rings. These look so dainty and cute. All of the ”normal” rings are adorned with beautiful faux stones. 



Here they are all layed out. The large one looks like an amethist and that is one of my favorite stones. I would love to find an actual amethist ring like this, but untill then I can play it up with this pretty set =) Each ring is different and unique which makes it perfect to wear them alone or combine them together, which is what I have done on the photos that I am showing you today.



The large ring is definitly a statement piece, but I find that it also looks gorgeous when the full hand is adorned with the other more ”muted” rings.



And this is how I adorned my left hand. The ‘statement’ piece on this side is the soft lavender stone ring. 

What is your favorite jewelry to wear and what style do you prefer?

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