Fresh Mint Tea & It’s Benefits

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Tea lovers unite =) I drink tea all day long and I enjoy trying out different types of tea’s. One tea that I like a lot, but have never written about is mint tea. You can buy mint tea that already comes in a tea bag, but you can also make your own fresh mint tea using mint leaves. That is what I did today and I want to share the benefits of fresh min tea with you. 

You can buy mint leaves in the grocery store. You are going to want to boil some water, add the mint leaves and let it sit for a couple of minutes untill the water turns into a light green shade. It can be served with honey for sweetness, but mint tea tastes absolutely wonderfull on it’s own as well. It has a very fresh taste and to me it is a freshness that can be compared to lime lemonade (without the sugar). It’s simply refreshing. Aside from it being tasty there are many health benefits linked to mint tea and these are the following:

Mint tea 1

  • If you feel sick to your stomach, drinking a cup of mint tea can relieve this feeling. The tea is very soothing for nausea and because of this it is a great tea to drink after a big meal. It will relieve any heavy and full feeling. 
  • Mint juice is an excellent skin cleanser and soother. It helps cure infections  such as pimples, acne, black heads.
  • Mint stimulates the digestive enzymes that consumes fat and turns it into usable energy, making it a wonderful drink for weight loss. 

Mint Tea 2

  • The refreshing flavour and invigorating aroma helps you to stay alert and give mental focus without cafeïne. This makes it a useful drink for when you are working, studying or simply need a clear mind. At the same time it can relieve anxiousness, so don’t worry about your mind being to alert and not able to relax. I am actually a natural anxious person and drinking mint tea does not bring this to a higher lever. If anything, I feel calm and relaxed but with a clear and focused mind.
  • A lot of dental hygiene products contain mint and that is because it does work wonders at achieving a fresh breath. It has germidical qualities that fight against bacteria inside the mouth that can cause bad breath.
  • The menthol in a hot cup of mint tea can help loosen congestion and relieve coughin associated with allergies and/or colds. 

Try it out and feel how mint tea benefits you =)

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