L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Cleansing Conditioner

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I remember hearing about washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo years ago. This was around the time that some people started avoiding SLS and SLES, because these are harch chemicals that remove the oil from the hair, but also tend to make hair dry, frizzy and coarse. L’Oréal must have spotted the trend because they came out with the Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Conditioner a while back. A (400ml) tube that consists out of a conditioner that cleans the hair while still leaving the hair moisturized, soft and silky. The Cleansing Conditioner also does not contain SLS or SLES. As someone who tries to avoid these specified ingredients, I was very curious about this product. Is it able to actually clean my hair as good as a shampoo whilst keeping it moisturized and frizz free? 


L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Conditioner (400 ml) – €6,99

L’Oréal claims that this Cleansing Conditioner is the solution for curly hair and dry hair. The formula is made with amla oil and 6 subliminal flower oils which promises to moisturize curls deeply from root to tip making curls soft and defined. I was very curious about this product that is inspired by the no-poo method. I don’t have curly hair (anymore) so I am testing it mostly on everything except more defined curls.


The product comes in a huge bottle (400 ml) and a handy pump which makes it very easy to use in the shower. I was surprised that the bottle was so big, but I quickly learned that you need about 15 pumps for each wash, so the large bottle makes sense. 


In the shower I followed the instructions and I pumped 15 times untill I had quite a hand full of the Cleansing Conditioner. The product looks and feels like a regular conditioner. It is creamy and smooth. I massaged it through my hair and since it is not a shampoo it will NOT foam up. It works and feels like a regular conditioner. Slippery and smooth. I massaged this into my hair making sure I got every inch of my head. I then let it sit for about 2 minutes before rinsing it out. I didn’t use a conditioner afterwards, since this claims to both clean and condition. 

The result is supersoft, managable, frizz free and shiny hair. I was so suprised and it exeeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would be so impressed. I didn’t use any seperate conditioner and my hair wasn’t only clean, but also incredibly soft, smooth and healthy looking. I even noticed that some of my dry ends looked much more moisturized and healthy, as if they just got a trim.


I am very happy that this works so well. By using this you are avoiding harsh ingredients such as SLES, SLS and other drying chemicals, but you hair will feel and look completely clean. Not only does it do the job of a shampoo (cleaning the hair) but it leaves it so much more smoother and softer than when you were to use a regular shampoo. I do notice that my hair will start getting greasy a little sooner than when I use a regular shampoo. With the Cleansing Conditioner I would need to wash my hair again 2 days later whereas when I use a regular shampoo I could stretch my next wash up to 4 days later, but this makes somewhat sense since this Cleansing Conditioner isn’t stripping your hair from it’s natural oils. Having to wash my hair sooner is a small price to pay though when I compare the results. 

The L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Conditioner (400 ml) costs €6.99 and is availible at most drugstores. 

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