Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

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Matte lip products are hot. The ‘velvet’ effect has been a trend for a while and Bourjois decided to join the hype by coming out with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. An airy, liquid lip formula with a velvet texture. 

The liquid lipsticks come in small tubes that retail for  €13,99, which is quite a lot for such small tubes and a drugstore product. I am curious. Are these lipsticks worth the price? 

I was able to try 4 of their red shades. The colors are from left to right:

  • 03 Hot pepper
  • 08 Grand Cru
  • 15 Red-volution
  • 19 Jolie-de-vin.

The packaging is transparent and the top has the same color as the lipstick which makes it easy to identify and find the color you are looking for. The applicator is small and firm, which I like because it makes it precise and easy to apply the liquid lipstick.

You can see that each red is slightly different. It goes from an orangy red to a deep wine shade. I think all shades look gorgeous in their own way and are slightly different although they are all an obvious red. Let’s try them on my lips and see what they look like on.

03 Hot pepper

The brightest one of them all, but sadly also the one that gives the most uneven coat. It distributes unevenly leaving some parts of my lips nicely coated and others barely. The shade is pretty, but I do not like the formula and application.

15 Red-volution

Red-volution is a slighly deeper version of 03 Hot Pepper. This is a classic red. I also had a little bit of trouble applying this evenly, but it went easier than the first one.

08 Grand Cru

Grand Cru looks like a deep wine shade in the packaging but it comes out as more of a deep raspberry. I needed two coats of it to get a slightly even application, but I still do not think it looks even.

19 Jolie-de-vin

And last but not least Jolie-de-vin, which is a very deep, dark red. It actually looks more deep and dark in real life. This one is the least matte of them all. For some reason this one did not dry completely matte on me. It also left streaks and some parts of my lips looked darker than others.

I like all the different shades of red. There is a nice variety from a bright to deep red. Sadly, I found them all difficult to apply evenly. They kept leaving streaks and uneven color on my lips. Eventually I got to a somewhat nice and even application, but it took me longer than I like to spend on applying a lip product.

They are nice and matte though (except for the last one) and they stay put on the lips for a very long time (4 to 5 hours) which is impressive. They dry out my lips slightly, but not as much as I am used to liquid lipsticks doing. I am not very impressed with these liquid lipsticks. The trouble of getting a somewhat even application is not worth it for me. Hopefully Bourjois will impress me next time. I am curious to see what they will come out with next. 

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