Current Favorite Lip Product: Catrice Blossom (Limited Edition)

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Since summer has arrived I have been having a preferance for a more neutral look. An even skintone, nicely done eyebrows, some mascara and a neutral gloss is all I have been using for the past few weeks. I did a video on such a look if you want to see it here. And with the preference for a more natural look I have also found a new favorite product that I now use almost everyday. The only bad thing is.. that it was Limited Editon and we can’t get it anymore *insert sad face here*. But I still want to show it too you since there are probably similar shades out there and maybe you can appreciate the look that this gloss achieves.

Blossom by Catrice

It is a lipgloss and it by Catrice and it is from their Limited Edition called Nymphelia. Which was a gorgeous Limited Edition they carried a few years ago that was centered around a forest, fairy theme. That collection was shouting my name ha ha. The shade is called Blossom and it the packaging it looks like a bright orange. It goes on much more sheer on the lips and transforms into a soft peachy tone. The packaging is different than their usual glosses. Probably because it is Limited Edition. It is quite small. It carries 6 ml which is less than a normal lipgloss. 

Applicator Catrice Blossom

The tube is small and so is the applicator. I actually really like this because it achieves a very precise application. The applicator is also a little stiffer than the usual applicator. Again, I also like that since it also helps with a precise applicaton and an even coating.

Blossom Applicator

The consistency is more liquid than sticky and it goes on like a dream. So smooth and velvety. It has a subtle send which is best described as chemical peach candy.. ha ha.

Blossom By Catrice Look

I find this shade so flattering for people with fair skin and brown hair. It gives such a youthfull and fresh appearence. You can see just how subtle the orange is. My natural lip color is light pink and here you can see they turned into a fresh peach shade. I can’t think of a more perfect color to compliment a neutral and minimalistic look. I am so into this shade right now and secretly hoping that I find a similair one since I can’t buy another one of this exact one.

What is your favorite lip product at the moment and what kind of look has been your favorite as of late? 

Catrice Packaging Blossom

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