Etos Brightening Concealer

Etos Brightening Concealer

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Today I will be reviewing the Etos Brightening Concealer, which is a product that is inspired by the Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent. Touche Éclat is one of the best sellers by Yves Saint Laurent. A cult product! It can be put on the list with Chanel N5 and other classics.

Basically both the Touche Éclat and the Etos Brightening Concealer are highlighting concealers with light reflecting pigments. What do these do you ask? They reflect light off the skin giving the skin a glow and ”catching” the light which hides signs of aging, imperfections and signs of fatigue. I have never used the Touche Éclat, so this review won’t be a comparison, but I will see how far the Etos Brightening Concealer works as a highlighting concealer.


I have the shade Cream, which works well with my fair skin.


The packaging is the same as the Touche Éclat. It is a pen that needs to be clicked on the bottom so that product will come out on the top. The applicator is a small brush.

Etos Brightening Concealer Before During After

The concealer has a very light consistency and blends very easily because it is not thick. It bounces off the light nicely and hides dark circles. It gives a ”fresh” and ”awake” effect. It has a light to medium coverage I would say. I can see what they mean with the brightening effect since it is not completely matte. It’s a good concealer for everyday use if you are not looking for something that is high coverage. I do see a difference when using this and  matte concealer. These type of glowy products make you seem more youthful and healthy.

I also find that it works well at minimizing pores in a way. If you look at the pictures above you can see on the far left that I have some larger pores. On the far right they are much less visible.


The Etos Brightening Concealer retails for €4,36

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