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One of the most popular products from Etos is their Fixing Spray. Soon after many high end brands started coming out with fixing sprays and it raised in popularity, Etos quickly followed and formulated their own. Lot’s of Dutch blogs have reviewed it and today I am going to join the club. 

First, I like the packaging. If you are familiar with the old style, logo and packaging of Etos you will know that their new look is so much more modern and chic. The packaging holds 75 ml of product and retails for €4,99. It comes in a very pale pink packaging with a black top and simple black text. 

Etos Fixing Spray Text

A fixing spray is a light mist that you spray after you have done your make-up. It wil set the make-up (think of a hairspray ”setting” your hair in place), get rid of the powdery look and make sure that your make-up will stay put for an entire day.

Next to water, the head ingredient is alcohol ( yes, this dries out the skin BUT this is also the ingredient that makes sure that your make-up will be set in place) and aloë vera which calms and cares for the skin.

How does it work? It is super simple. Right after applying your make-up, keep the fixing spray about 20 centimeters away from your face and spray about 4 times. It is a very fine mist, so your face won’t feel wet. It is also a super refreshing feeling. It has a light perfume scent, which I really like. Nothing too overwhelming. Just fresh and nice.

Etos Fixing Spray Pump

Now on to the big question. Does it work? I can use a short answer for that. Yes, it does. My make-up looks good and fresh for a much longer time and it gets rid of that cakey and powdery effect that make-up can give at times. It feels refreshing on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky layer on the skin. Sometimes at the end of a day, my make-up starts to wear off, my face gets oily and my make-up just does not look as good as it did when I just applied it. This spray makes you look so much fresher and even at the end of a day, my make-up does not look and feel as if it has been on for many hours. 

If you are new to using fixing sprays this is an inexpensive alternative to start with. But even if you use fixing spray on a daily basis you can give this a try since it does the job.

Etos Fixing Spray Long Lasting

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