L’ORÉAL Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

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Cushion foundations have been everywhere! If I am correct this trend started in Korea and Lancôme was the first to use this innovative idea for their brand. Soon after that many followed including L’Oréal with their Nude Magique Cushion Foundation.

This is basically a glowy foundation. The added value is that the foundation is soaked in the cushion and you apply it by dabbing the sponge onto the cushion, grabbing the foundation and applying it directly on the skin. Handy if you don’t like to work with liquid foundations straight out of the tube.


My first though was the following. ”If the added value is the application than I don’t know if I will be blown away since I don’t use anything else besides my BeautyBlender anymore”. But of course I was curious and I also wanted to see what the finish of the foundation would be. Plus… I have been hearing so much about these cushion foundations that I really wanted to give it a try. 


The packaging is so lovely and cute. Definitly one of the prettiest products that I own =) The sponge is washable which is great. The material of the sponge is a little bit harder than I expected.


When you open the packaging you see the cushion that is drenched in foundation. With the sponge you can dab it softly and the product will be on the sponge. Now it is just a matter of applying it on the skin. I personally don’t like the sponge. It is quite hard and stiff and it doesn’t work very nicely for blending. 


The foundation has a glowy finish which looks beautiful, the coverage is medium and what made me really happy was that the lightest shade is actually very light and matches my fair skin! In some cases the lightest skin still isn’t light enough for me, but this is.


Here you can see it freshly applied. The coverage is good and it has a subtle glowy finish. I added powder on top which did make it look slightly more matte.

As the day went on I noticed exactly what I was afraid of. Because the foundation is ”glowy” it didn’t work well with my oily T-zone. My skin was super shiny and I was remembered as to why I always go for foundation with a matte finish. This only means that this foundation is not the best if you have an oily skin or oily T-zone. If you have normal to dry skin you can definitely try it out because the finish is lovely.

The L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation is availible at most drugstores and retails for €17,99

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