Pouty Lipzz (Plumping Lipgloss For Fuller Lips)

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The other day I saw a little black box that said Pouty Lipzz on it. I gave it a glance and quickly learned that this is a lip gloss that promises to plump your pout and make your lips look fuller. I took it home with me to see if this would work. I am always very skeptical when it comes to lip products that promise to plump your lips. They either don’t work or the minimal results are visible for only a short while. I put Pout Lipzz to the test! Keep reading to see if this fulfills it’s promises.


The product comes in a little cardboard box with a red kissy lip on it.


And here is the product itself. It is a simplistic and modern looking tube with a black cap and clear plastic. It is nice and sturdy and holds 7ml (0.24 FL.OZ) of plumping gloss. The gloss itself is clear and doesn’t have any color. 


The wand and applicator is small which is good for precise application. The applicator is a little bit stiff, but I like that because it gives a sturdy and good grip on the lips. I don’t like soft and bendy applicators that go all over the place when you are trying to apply a product very precisely. 

After applying I felt a mild stinging sensation on my lips which I am used to when using plumping products. The lips are getting slightly irritated which makes them swell up and that is how a plumping product works. 


Left are my lips before and right are my lips after. The gloss applies very easily and it is not sticky at all. It has a very liquidy and satin feel. Now on to the big question. Hmm.. are they more plump? I do see a slight difference, but with the emphasis on slight. It is very subtle, but if I look closely I see a difference in my top lip and the mid portion of my bottom lip. I was hoping for a more drastic difference, but I do think my lips look better and prettier on the right side even without a drastic plumping result. The gloss made them look luscious and youthfull. 

The stinging sensation went away after a couple of minutes and the result of the mild plumpness did hold on for quite a portion of the day. I am not able to say at what point my lips went back to their ‘original’ state, since the result is so minimal but for the time being my lips did look glossy and youthfull. 


Conclusion: This product gives a very minimal result when it comes to plumping the lips. Don’t expect your lips growing twice their size, but do expect a slight difference in volume and a luscious, youthfull pout. Pouty Lipzz costs £19.99 for 7ml of product. 

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