Revolution Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette

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I recently got spoiled with my first Revolution palette. This palette is a collection of bronzers, blushes, baked bronzers and two baked highlighters. The powders themselves look so pretty and they remind me of little planets. Absolute eye candy at it’s finest for an affordable price. Will this €7,95 palette hold up to my expectations?


“The most amazing collection of highly pigmented bronzers, merged bronzers, merged blushers and highlighters in 1 palette complete with a full size mirror.” – Makeup Revolution


The palette itself is nice and sturdy and it comes with 4 highlighters and 4 blushes in soft and feminine shades. The top of the lid is transparent which makes it easy to identify the palette in your make-up drawer. At first glance the first highlighter (top right) looks a lot like the highlighter on the top left. Aside from those I find that all shades of highlighters and blushes are different and unique and none of them look too much alike.  Let’s take a look at the swatches.



The top and bottom highlighter turned out to not look alike at all.  The one on the top is on the warm side whereas the bottom one is much cooler and slightly lighter in color. The powders are good to work with, they blend well and the pigmentation is good.  No complaints here. The blush shades are very wearable for daytime and although they are all ”everyday” shades, they’re all different in their own way. It is a good mix of warm and cool shades. Same goes for the higlighters. They are all wearable and it’s a good mix of warm and cool tones. I find the bronzer shade to orangy though, but I find the color to be lovely as a blush.

If you tend to wear blush and higlighter on a daily basis, I find that this is an amazing palette to have since it has a good diversity of shades. The highlighters are all gorgeous in their own way and the pigment is more than good. Same goes for the blushes. As you can see in the swatches they are all a pinky or peachy shade, but none of them look identical. 

The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette is availible for €7,49

What are your opinions of this palette? Are you a fan of the shades?

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