Lovea Nature Rose Passion Bodylotion (Paraben Free)

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A little while ago I went to my local nature store to see if they had any new and interesting things. They did! I saw a some shelves filled with new Lovea body products. The packaging of everything looked so cute and I didn’t know where to start looking. After browsing for a bit I decided that I really wanted to try the Lovea Rose Passion Bodylotion. 

The entire Love Nature Line consits out of high quality, pure products that can be used by the entire family. All products are mild, free of parabens, silicons, sulfates and not tested on animals. Now, that is what we like to hear!


After reading that I feel completely fine with using this on my body. Like I said, I really liked the girly packaging. The lotion comes in a bottle with a pump which is easy to use and also hygenic, but when you start to run out of lotion the pump is not able to get the last bits out which is wasteful, so I always feel obligated to cut the bottle in half so that I can use every little bit of it. Because of that I prefer another type of packaging, although the pump is easy and does look nice. 


The lotion has a thick and full texture which does a wonderfull job at hydrating the skin whilst leaving a delicate rose scent. I especially love using it on my legs after shaving since that is when my legs tend to be quite dry. This moisturizes my skin nicely and the scent is simply lovely. The product is also absorbed quickly so you can get dressed right after without worry. I have been using this before bed since the rose scent is quite relaxing and the lotion leaves my skin super silky and soft. Who would not want to go to bed smelling like a rose garden? ;)


I am very happy with this lotion and excited to try out more Lovea products.  I am impressed with the ingredients, curious about the other scents and if they are anything like this lotion, they do their job very well. 


The Lovea Nature Rose Passion retails for €7,99 and holds 250ml of product.

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