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Interning at the Etos head offices on the Beauty Team gives me the opportunity to get an early glimps of exciting new products, and also be involved in the making of them when it comes to beauty products such as make-up, hair, skin and more.  This past week we had a little celebration at the head office since the new deodorants were introduced. Today I am reviewing all three new deodorants for women. 

There are three different ones. Two of them are a spray and one is a roller. The look of all three of them is simple, soft and straight to the point. You know what it is by looking at it. The spray deodorants come in two different scents. Ultra Dry Soft (Pink bottle) and Ultra Dry Fresh (Blue bottle). All three promise 48h protection, they contain 0% alcohol and the sprays are enriched with Aloë Vera extract. 



Ultra Dry Soft Deospray

The Ultra Dry Soft Deospray has a soft and floral scent. It is very feminine and delicate. Out of all three this scent has my preference. They spray has a powdery feel, which I prefer over sprays that feel more wet and need a few seconds to dry. This goes on dry and feels clean right away. It kept me fresh all day long and the subtle scent was present throughout the day. 


Ultra Dry Fresh Deospray

The scent of the Ultra Fresh Dry very refreshing and it reminds me of laundry that just got out of the washer. Some people at my office were saying that the scent reminded them of a typical Dove scent, and I can totally see what they mean. It does smell like most Dove deodorants. Fresh and clean. This also kept me dry and fresh all day long. 

You can’t really see the size of the bottles on the picture, but they aren’t large bottles. They are thin and small which make them perfect to bring in your purse or simply not take that much space on your vanity/bathroom. 



Ultra Dry Soft Deoroller

Out of all three this one has the most soft and delicate scent. This is a good choice for people who don’t like strong scented products. The product is very soft on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation. This one is supposed to be the same scent as the one in the pink bottle, but to me they smell different. This has a powdery/cream hint to it. I like to use the roller when I get straight out of the shower so that the rollerball always touches clean skin. 


I think Etos did a good job with their new deodorants. I like all scents and I can appreciate the variaty of having sprays and a roller. Next to that the packaging is also pretty to look at. 

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