A Story That I Am Writing: And So We Meet

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Hello lovely reader =) I have been wanting to give my blog a little bit more of a personal touch. I love to write and make videos about beauty, food and lifestyle which is what my blog focuses on. But there are so many more things that I love to do and write about. I love being creative and I want to share this side of myself too. Today I wanted to share something with you guys that I have not shared with anyone before. A few pages of a story that I am writing. You might not think that this is personal since it is just a story, but I get my inspiration and ideas for my stories out of personal experiences and my dreams. I tend to remember my dreams very accurate and a lot of times these are dark and odd dreams. I used to see them as nightmares until I realized that they could bring me something positive if I use them in the correct way. Which is, including them in stories. I want to make all these stories into one book someday =).

Today I wanted to share a few pages of what I have written until now :) Oh and it’s my birthday today and this is my way of celebrating it with you :) If you enjoy reading and especially the mysterious, fantasy, romantic and thriller genre than you might like this =) I would love for you to let me know what you think. I decided that I wanted to share a part of the chapter where the two main characters meet for the first time. 

                        And so we meet..

I was walking through the hall when I heard someone playing the piano. It was coming from the piano room at the end of the hall. The song that was being played sounded haunting and magical. It was something I hadn’t heard before. It caught my attention and I was curious to see who was playing. I slowly paced my way to the end of the hall, hearing the music louder with each step I took. I got to the door and carefully peeked through the glass window.

 It was him. He was all by himself. I didn’t know the song he was playing but it was beautiful. He played with such ease as if his hands were floating and being guided over the keys. The music sounded as if it was being accompanied by a choir of angels. He played with such care as if the piano were to feel all of his touches.

 I reached the handle of the door and tried to open it without making any noise. I succeeded and stepped into the room closing the door behind me without taking my eyes of him to make sure he didn’t notice my presence at all.

 The room he was sitting in was one of my favorites in the school. It had huge and beautiful windows that had long broken white curtains hanging from both sides. The soft light from the sunset outside was shining perfectly on the spot where he was sitting.

 All of the furniture pieces in the room were very classic and reminded me of an old castle. At the right wall there was a painting of one of the founders of the school. He was portrayed as a rich, powerful and somewhat arrogant man. I never liked this painting and the intimidating feeling I got from looking at it. Benedict Stonehearst was his name. Most of the furniture were dark brown or a deep red. The light curtains looked beautiful against all of the dark colors. The black piano was the center piece of the room, sitting right in the middle. The rest of the room was decorated with antique furniture, plants, and old pieces of art.

Somehow the looks of the interior seemed to fit him perfectly. He had such a unique look and didn’t look like he was from this time. Seeing him in this room made me feel like I was looking at an old, classic painting. Something that didn’t look real. Somehow I felt like I was invading this moment. Like I shouldn’t be here listening to him playing. He looked like royalty and I shouldn’t be here.

He looked so elegant the way he was sitting. His shoulder length black hair was tied back in a low ponytail. I had usually seen him with his hair down. His shoulders and arms floated across the keys. He was wearing a dark blue shirt and I could see his long black jacket right next to him on the crutch he was sitting on. The sun hit him right on the left side of his face and part of his back. With the shimmering sunlight I could see something shining by his neck. It must have been that extra ordinary necklace I saw him wearing yesterday. From the back I could only see that it was silver and had a medium thick chain.

He didn’t seem to notice me. I was standing against the wall as quiet as I could. I didn’t want to startle him in any way so he wouldn’t stop playing. I tried to keep in my breathes as long as I could, fearing that even those would make too much noise over the beautiful, soft melody he was playing.

I was afraid he might see me if he turned around slightly, so I stepped aside from the door. I felt something bump into my side and before I could look I heard a loud sound of something breaking. My heart stopped and I heard the piano stop immediately. My eyes flew into his direction and he was still facing me with his back. His hands still but still on the keys of the last chord he was playing. I didn’t move. As if I thought that he would still not notice me if I kept so still. My eyes were still glued to him as he turned around slowly. Making it able for me to see half of his face now.

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