Story Time: And So We Meet Part 2

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Here is part two of the fictional story that I have posted on my blog before. Click here to read part 1. Enjoy!

And so we meet.. Part two

His eyes looked up to mine and I was able to see the strange but beautiful color they were. They were a deep green shade with dark, almost black tones. I had never seen a human with this eye color. It was like they were trying to tell a story in a language that I didn’t understand. His face was something I had never seen before. He looked like he walked straight out of an old painting. A painting in which the artist was trying to capture darkness, mystique and beauty. He had dark, almond shaped eyes that were framed by thick dark brown eyebrows and long lashes. He had a beauty mark on his left cheekbone. His lips had a light color and had a soft shape. His top lip was fuller than his bottom lip and looked like it was stung by a bee. His features were soft but sharp at the same time which didn’t make it able for me to tell if he had a beautiful or dangerous facade. Looking at him I saw both. He was light skinned and his dark black hair looked beautiful in this contrast. The sunset from the window didn’t let this contrast make him look pale. His face was covered with the warm glow from the undergoing sun.

A light frown appeared above his eyebrows as he looked at me with confusion. ”Can I help you”? His voice was soft and sounded very pleasant. I had never heard him speak before but the sound of his voice fitted with how he looked. It was warm, slightly low and soft but it had a intimidating edge. 

”I..ehm..I..” I was stuttering like a nervous little girl. Get a grip of yourself! I demanded to myself. He was still looking at me patiently. Waiting for what would come out of my mouth. ”I…couldn’t help but wanting to see who was playing. It sounded beautiful.” He stared at me quietly with slight suspicion on his face. He looked at the floor for a short second and then looked up meeting my gaze quickly and looking down again. Still with a suspicious look on his face. ”I am glad you enjoyed it” he said in a polite manner.

We were both quiet and he was still looking at the floor. Say something! Say something a little bit normal I said to myself. The silence was becoming awkward and I was the one invading his space, so I had to talk. ”You play the piano beautifully”. Very good! I complimented myself. That’s friendly and normal. ”Thank you” he said in a soft voice. ”I’m sorry I disrupted you by…destroying the furniture”. He chuckled ”I always thought that art piece was very ugly anyway”. He was right. It was ugly. It was an oddly clay shaped piece that looked like a disformed animal. I looked at the floor to see all the grey colored pieces splattered over the dark wooden floor.

I took my eyes of the floor and tried making eye contact while my brain was working overtime trying to give a reason as to why I was still standing here and staring at him without any explainable reason. I would have just told him that I was drawn by the sound of the piano, but the nerves that were rushing through my body seemed to make me numb and stupid. ‘’I..ehm..I..had left my notes here from the class I took earlier today’’ It was a lie. I had took a class here in the morning, but my notes where in the backpack I that was clutching in my hands this very second. This was the best that I could do being as nervous a I was. Still looking at the floor, the corner of this mouth moved to show a small crooked smile. ‘’You should take better care of your belongings’’ where the only words that came out of this mouth with that same soft and warm voice. ‘’I..I most defenitly should’’.  His eyes moved to my bag and I saw him observing the black quilted backback for a few silent seconds. ‘’Your bag looks heavy.. quite full.. it might contain the item that you are searching for’’. His dark eyes slowly moved up to mine and once they locked, he tilted his head and his eyebrows moved up, giving me a look that said ‘’go on, take a look’’. I opened the zipper from my bag and placed all the books one by one on the table next to me. He sat patiently, watching each and every book that was being placed on the wooden surface. I took the last on out slowly and put in on top of the rest with hesitation. He saw the black faux leather texture notebook and gave a it a delicate knod. I felt my face turn red and my brain was working in fast mode to think of something at least a little bit smart to say. ”Mystery solved” he said with a minimal smile on his face.

Without speaking he grabbed his jacket that was laying next to him and stood up from the piano stool. He was tall and slender but not skinny in any way. When he stood up I was really able to see how tall he was. Especially next to my 5’2. He must be a at least 6’2. He walked to the door where I was standing next to and stopped right before walking up to the hallway. His body was turned towards the door and without looking at me he spoke low and gently. ‘It was nice meeting you miss…” ”E..Emilia” I stuttered. ”My Emilia”. ”Nice to meet you Emilia” he said while still staring in front of him and walking out of the door in a somewhat agressive manner as if he was trying to get away as soon as he could.

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