Story Time: Destruction

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A few weeks ago I posted a sneak peak of a story that I am writing. Click here if you haven’t read it yet, but are interested in doing so. Today I want to post another story =) Note that this is not a continuation of the previous story I posted. This is simply a separate story that I wrote on the side. I love writing short stories like these and I am going to post these every once in a while if I am satisfied with how they turned out =) The following story is called ”Destruction”. A big portion of the story is based on a dream that I had and I used my imagination to add the rest of the elements to it. I was also inspired by the release of Fallout 4 which will be in November. I am a big fan of the 3rd installment and I let it inspire me to write this. This story is a little dark and creepy, so if you don’t like those kind of stories feel free to skip this one =) I hope you enjoy it ^-^



‘’How did any of this happen?’’ From where I was standing the view answered my question. Not how it happened, or why, but it showed me what had happened. Fog was interfering with my vision but I saw everything that I needed to see. It looked as if an atomic bomb had hit this very piece of land and nothing was left but a grey, empty wasteland. The buildings around me didn’t look like buildings anymore. Thousands of pieces of rocks, dirt and cement were all the surroundings that I had. I was staring at one building in front of me that seemed to be intact. Even though it seemed to still have all of it’s walls, floors and roofs, it did look as if it had been abandoned thousands of years ago and no human had entered it ever since. I walked towards it with curiosity but hesitation. After walking past the broken and cracked doors it was clear where I was. The theater of arts.

If I looked closely and concentrated and was able to see past the waste, broken surroundings and deadly looking atmosphere I was able to see the stage, the audience, hear the applause, the chanting, see the artist bow with pride. But once my eyes opened and saw the reality, I knew nothing was the way it used to be. The tall red curtains where still hanging on the ceiling of the stage. Broken, torn and dirty but they were still in their original place. I ran to the back of the stage, pushing a big and heavy red curtain out of the way. I stepped into, what I thought was a small room since I saw a wall not more than 5 feet in front of me. Everything here looked just like the world outside. Grey, dark, broken, crushed. As if it had been attacked by an army and had been left to never look back. Right before the wall was an old broken and dirty desk with a computer. The screen had a big crack and it looked as if it had not been touched in years. Above it was a dirty piece of wood with the words ”This is were you were born and this is were you will die”. I felt chills going through my body reading this strange sentence. I tried to quickly shake this feeling off and continue inspecting, what used to be the theater. Looking to my left I saw this direction led into an extremely long hallway. A hallway full of small rooms. Rooms that looked like cages. Animal cages almost. 

I gasped for air and let out an uncontrolled sound when I saw a young girl sitting in one of these cages. The cage wasn’t bigger than a cage for a big sized dog and it was severely dirty on the inside. The floors were cold cement and moldy iron bars filled with rust separated the cages from the rest of the hallway. The girl was extremely thin and pale. She looked terribly sick. Her bones showed through the transparent color of her skin. She was wearing long pants and a thick sweater that was covering her body. Her clothes were dirty and ripped. Her hair was completely shaved off and her face..her cheeks were completely sunken in and she had dark circles under her tired eyes. She looked…dead. As if she had been dead for a while and someone left her corps in this place. But she wasn’t dead. She was looking at me. Her eyes barely opening. She had a tattoo with a number on the back of her shaved head. I looked at her with big shocked eyes. I wanted to help this girl but I felt frightened to approach her. Her mouth had been open the entire time but now I saw movement coming to her lips. Lips that were cracked, dry and purple in color. She wanted to speak but seemed too weak. I looked intensely at her. Waiting what she wanted to tell me. Her mouth kept moving but no sound came out. She must be too weak to speak. Does she know how to speak? Has she lived outside of this place? Does she speak a language? What more does she know and experienced than this small cage she is in? My brain processed all these questions in the seconds I was just standing there. 

”No”. A very weak ”no” came out of her mouth. I stood there surprised, shocked and scared. Slowly I took two steps in her direction. ”No!” This time she spoke loud enough to startle me. I stopped my step and felt my heart racing. Her eyes moved to the direction of the hallway and until this moment I saw what was there. I was too focused on the girl to examine the rest of this place. The hallway was an extremely long line of these cages filled…with these young girls. I felt a numbness go through my body and reaching my legs. Every girl was incredibly thin. I could see each of their bones sticking out. All of their heads were completely shaved and each and everyone of them looked pale, tired and..dead. The numbness reached my legs and I felt myself fall forward. I fell on my knees and didn’t have any control of my body. I had felt fear before, but I had never let fear take over me. These girls were probably not older than 20. Except for the first girl, none of them seemed to notice my presence. They were all staring in front of them with an empty gaze. As if all of this seemed normal to them and they didn’t know anything but this. None of them even tried to ask me for help.

I tried to get back control of my legs. I pushed myself up using the little bit of strength that was left in my arms and grabbed the walls to push my shaking body forward. My eyes fell on the first girl again. Her expression was hopeless. She was just sitting there looking at me. ”What is this place”? As I spoke I had a hard time recognizing my own voice. I didn’t notice until now that I was crying. My voice was cracking and was panicked. ”What is this place?!” I yelled. My tone of voice didn’t phase the girl at all. Her face was just as emotionless and hopeless as it was before. I kept pushing my body forward using the walls and turned around to drag myself back to the curtains that let me in this place. I ran as fast as I could which wasn’t fast enough since it felt like my legs did not belong to my own body. ”I need to go back and help them, ask questions.” ”I need to find out if there are more people who can help”. My mind was scattered and my legs went numb when I fell forward on the broken concrete and I felt her icy hands grab me by my collar and drag me back. I screamed, yelled and tried to use all my strength to move my arms around me in the hope of hitting her. I couldn’t lift my arms enough, I couldn’t bring any impulse to my pushes and I couldn’t push my longs enough to bring out a helpless cry. I felt myself hit a cold and hard surface when her robotic voice left me with the first words that I had heard a long time ago.”This is where you were born and this is where you will die”.

I opened my eyes and I was back home. I saw everyone I knew and the place where I grew up. I sighed in relief and felt safe immediately. My eyes moved towards the dead looking girl and and I forced a smile before I set my back to the concrete wall and focused my eyes on the iron bars in front of me. The girl’s half asleep eyes were focused on me when she looked down and whispered ”You’re back.” 

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