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Etos has been busy with upgrading their brand and now they came out with new facemasks. I bought myself three different ones to give them a try: 2 Mud Masks and 1 Peel Off mask. They had more, but these appealed to me most, because these types of mask tend to work well for my skin. All of the facemask retail for €0.99 which is very affordable.

After Etos’s brand upgrade I have been liking their packaging a lot and these facemasks are no exception. As with most of their new products the packaging is elegant, minimalistic and these specific facemasks are packaged in cute pastel colors. Pretty packaging is always a plus if you ask me. Although a facemask is not a product that I tend to display in my bathroom or vanity, I still enjoy that they look cute.

The three masks that I bought are:

  • Cleansing Peel Off Mask with Manuka Honey / 10 ml – €0.99
  • Cleansing Mud Mask with Dead Sea Minerals, Seaweed & Lavender /15 ml –  €0.99
  • Balancing Mud Mask with Argan Oil & Acai Berries Extract /15 ml –  €0.99

Cleansing Peel Off Mask with Manuka Honey / 10 ml – €0.99

Etos – ”The Etos Cleansing Peel Off Mask combines natural manuka honey with the soft scent of jasmine which helps to remove dead skin cells. For a refreshing result”.

Peel off masks are one of my favorite masks to use. I enjoy peeling them off and they usually do a good job at getting dirt out of my pores. 

It looks like honey and… it smells just like honey! It has the typical gel like texture of a peel off mask. The packaging recommends to leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. I left in on for the full 20 minutes before peeling it off. It dried up well and peeled of perfectly. My skin felt smooth and clean after and I could see dirt on the peeled of mask which is the proof that it in fact cleaned my skin. It did exactly what you want a peel off mask to do and therefore I think this is a good mask for an amazing price that does the job well. 

Cleansing Mud Mask with Dead Sea Minerals, Seaweed & Lavender /15 ml –  €0.99

Etos – ”The Etos Cleansing Mud Mask uses minerals from the Dead sea to cleanse porse and remove impurities. The combination of sea weed and lavender make for cleansed, soft and smooth skin”.

Both the blue and the lilac masks are mud mask and this one contains dead sea minerals, sea weed and lavender. I remember using a skin care line infused with dead sea minerals a few years back and finding that it made my skin very clear and calm, so I was curious to use another skin product with dead sea minerals. I am also a big fan of Aquamarina by Lush and this contains seaweed, so this mask already has two main ingredients that get me excited. I checked the ingredient list and Kaolin (clay) is high on the ingredient list, which means that it contains a good amount of pure clay which is the magic ingredient for a mask like this. 

The color of the mask matches the packaging perfectly. It is a light blue shade. The texture of the mask is thick and creamy. With this mask the packaging recommends to leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and I left it on for the full 15 minutes. I like to take the most time recommended because I always think there might be a chance of the product not having enough time to do it’s work if I take it of earlier. After 15 minutes the mask has hardened and it is ready to take off. After rinsing the mask off my skin felt slightly dry but on the surface it looked fresh, clean, matte and even in color. 

Balancing Mud Mask with Argan Oil & Acai Berries Extract /15 ml –  €0.99

Etos – ”The Etos Blancing Mud Mask spoils your skin intensively because of the added argan oil. The acai berrie extract has anti oxidant properties to deep clean the pores. The mask restores the natural balance of the skin”.

This mud mask also holds Kaolin high on the ingredient list. Hooray! Other than that it contains out of argan oila and acai berries which are both known as anti-aging ingredients. Sounds good. Let’s apply it. 

I thought it would be lilac. It is not. It is actually a skin color which makes it look like foundation. As recommended I left it on 10-15 minutes until it hardened on my skin and then I rinsed it off. It left my skin soft, smooth and also matte without feeling dry. 

I am very happy with these 3 masks. They all work well, I am happily surprised with the ingredients and best of all..they are super affordable. Each mask has it’s own benefit and I was satisfied with all of them. They all left my skin looking and feeling clean, fresh and pretty. There is no need to skip them for the price and they are worth a try!

The Etos Face masks are availible at Etos and retail for €0,99,-. 

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